Welcome 2012A!

1 January 2013 17:03

I actually went the whole of 2012 without putting an entry on this website. What is this world coming to...

Anyway, Happy 2013! Or as some of you superstitious ones would refer to as 2012A. I suppose this trend will continue next year when the Chinese, being superstitious they are of anything with the number 4, will refer 2014 as 2013A. My fingers actually hurt typing those extra letters there.

This is supposed to be a reboot of this website. Yes, it's completely updated underneath. I've also moved to a different webhost altogether after 10 years on the previous one. Can you imagine that they're charging about the same amount per quarter as the current webhost does for a year (i.e. 3 months on old webhost = 1 year on new webhost)? They've served me well but as with most things, it had to come to an end.

Of course, every end has a new beginning and I hope this will mark a new beginning for this website too. As much as I love the concise nature of Twitter, 140 characters doesn't accomodate situations that calls for verbal diarrhea. So this shall be my little soapbox for me to make a stand for myself and the little people I represent (where applicable). Plus, there may be times I wanna show off couple of things too so this shall be the place.

So, here's to the phuture!


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