How Do I Like Them Apples?

4 February 2008 03:34

It's official. I've finally made the plunge and switched my life over to a 15" MacBook Pro. Needless to say, there was a repeat performance of that time when I got my first iPod. Many times over. Still not over it. If only I had read that bit about how to use a Mac to get laid earlier. Could've made plenty babies while I was at it. Many times over.

Gong Xi Fa Cai, everybody!


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2/4/2008 4:11:27 AM #

Enjoy your new apply!

2/4/2008 12:11:21 PM #

haha.. new member in the family.
... and good link on the get laid thing..
i shall get one of those then..

2/4/2008 2:28:40 PM #

Welcome to the Apple fanboy club!

2/4/2008 2:57:05 PM #

Er.. laid count + 1?

2/5/2008 2:16:09 AM #

aik...napa tak Mac Air terus?tgk je dah bleh inzal tau!

2/5/2008 1:30:57 PM #

How much does it cost in RM?

azura abas
azura abas
2/8/2008 9:34:10 PM #

Apple is the best! I have been converted too!

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