The Raya Routine

16 October 2007 13:40

Raya is really becoming a routine affair for me the last few years. From the sequence of events, to the food being prepared and consumed, the time the food is prepared and consumed, the order of homes visited, etc. have been exactly the same. Then, there's that classic question of "When are you gonna get married?" that's been asked year after year after year. So much so that it has made it into the series of routine question and conversation when I go from one relative's house to the other. I really feel like making a quip comeback (or confuse them with some Web 2.0 gobbledeegook response) whenever anybody asks that question but then I'll risk having to routinely answer to my relatives in the future for causing all the cardiac arrests in my grand relatives during that fateful string of raya visits.

So yes, it's been a another routine raya affair for me this year. Somebody please help me break this sequence. I'm really looking forward to the day when I can talk about the latest in Martian exploration or stem cell research or even Erra Fazira's latest husband-to-be with my relatives during Raya for a change.


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10/19/2007 1:00:41 AM #

hah!.. i'd love to say "because erra took my emran".

nino d queen
nino d queen
10/23/2007 6:49:39 AM #

I've an idea.... why don't u get yourself a wife???? he..he..he... anyway.. selamat hari raya to u n family jemput le ke rumah...

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