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Geeky and musically inclined male carbon based bipedal life form capable of operating machines that can perform billions of operations per second without bloodshed. Also capable of producing millions of male reproductive cells on a daily basis without even trying. More...


Recent Tweets

Twitter October 1, 02:54
Zürich on a nice sunny day.

Twitter October 1, 02:26
Senior citizens of Zürich celebrating the United Nations International Day of Older Persons.

Twitter October 1, 01:56

Twitter September 30, 13:19
Sunset in Switzerland.

Twitter September 30, 13:08
Mencari Swiss Roll di Switzerland sepertimana mencari Ikan Bakar Portugis di Portugal dan French Fries di France.

Twitter September 30, 12:55
Stuff we saw from the train along the way from Salzburg to Zurich.

Twitter September 30, 06:27
226km/h thru the Alps with 4G still available to post this picture.

Twitter September 30, 05:01
It was a short but sweet stop.

Twitter September 30, 04:33
Where we are right now in comparison to the places we've been to on this trip, i.e. Paris, Barcelona and Berlin.

Twitter September 30, 03:49
Recording/playback gear of a different era before Akai made their MPCs/MPDs.

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