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Geeky and musically inclined male carbon based bipedal life form capable of operating machines that can perform billions of operations per second without bloodshed. Also capable of producing millions of male reproductive cells on a daily basis without even trying. More...


Recent Tweets

Twitter November 22, 22:07
Q: How do you measure the weight of a hipster? A: In Instagrams.

Twitter November 21, 01:35
The iconic rice hills of #Bali.

Twitter November 21, 00:09
Pura on the land of the sea. #Bali

Twitter November 21, 00:09
We didn't jump off any cliffs or do bungy here. #Bali

Twitter November 20, 19:58
"Iya, mba! Bisa aja, mba!"

Twitter November 20, 19:58
Lahajang semeng! #Bali

Twitter November 20, 07:38
Lahajang wangi. Suksema, #Bali.

Twitter November 20, 06:53
Hot and humid yet greener and bluer. #Bali

Twitter November 20, 06:53
Here fishy-fishy #Bali

Twitter November 20, 06:53
Doorway #Bali

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