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Geeky and musically inclined male carbon based bipedal life form capable of operating machines that can perform billions of operations per second without bloodshed. Also capable of producing millions of male reproductive cells on a daily basis without even trying. More...


Recent Tweets

Twitter January 20, 18:56
"And now, the end is near; And so I face the final curtain."

Twitter January 20, 18:47
President Trump's first dance at the ball is to Frank Sinatra's "My Way". How apt, considering the first two lines of the song.

Twitter January 20, 09:25
What a horrifying inauguration speech by President Trump!

Twitter January 7, 18:00
My wife says that I have this musky smell on me. I'm going to call this fragrance "Iwan Musk". The tagline would be "Test-lah!".

Twitter December 24, 16:46
Morning at Kota Iskandar

Twitter December 24, 05:22
A Malay Pop LP

Twitter December 12, 02:25
Sunset on the Sarawak River.

Twitter December 10, 21:10
The new Sarawak State Legislative Building featuring Fort Margherita in Kuching.

Twitter December 9, 21:06
Kuching today.

Twitter December 6, 06:37
Malaysia contributed to The Grammys. We let them use a .MY domain for their URL shortener. #MalaysiaBoleh

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