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Geeky and musically inclined male carbon based bipedal life form capable of operating machines that can perform billions of operations per second without bloodshed. Also capable of producing millions of male reproductive cells on a daily basis without even trying. More...


Recent Tweets

Twitter February 6, 22:30
My family tossed some yee sang for lunch. Because huat arrr! Gong Xi Fa Cai, everybody!

Twitter February 6, 05:30
The Key To Success :)

Twitter February 4, 22:42
Kelihatan ramai yang terangguk-angguk, tersengguk-sengguk ketika khutbah disampaikan tadi. Barangkali penghayatan yang khusyuk sekali.

Twitter February 4, 16:34
At a wedding last weekend: "Women are the foundation of men's success. But we, the men, are the ones who lay the foundation.” Salam Jumaat!

Twitter February 2, 00:41
Meanwhile, in the United States...

Twitter January 31, 18:15
A rumor is something that is not true until it is denied. Then the rumor is confirmed true!

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