Where'd Your Eyelashes Go

20 November 2006 13:40

Adding another one to the collection of songs I have mangled and mutilated. Juliet The Orange happened to be one of my favorite local acts. It's a shame the duo decided to disband after their first album which won them Best Local English Album and Best New Local English Artiste awards at AIM 2000. Feeling a bit itchy in the ear this afternoon, I married their Eyelash track with Fort Minor's Where'd You Go. Standard listening hazard disclaimer applies, but nothing to lose your eyebrows over.

Update (Nov 20): If you downloaded last night's version, it had its vocals' EQ set wrongly. It has been corrected and re-adjusted properly now.


Download: Juliet The Orange Vs. Fort Minor - Where'd Your Eyelashes Go


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11/20/2006 4:04:29 PM #

Cool! although it's a bit rushed, muddy and rough, if JTO can provide you with the master, i htink you can do better la...hehe. xfresh taknak ke remix lagu2 msian top hits lelama ek?

dJ phuturecybersonique
dJ phuturecybersonique
11/20/2006 4:52:36 PM #

yes, i agree that it sounds "a bit" muddy and rough. that's why the listening hazard disclaimer is there! ;)

11/22/2006 2:00:33 AM #

I still enjoyed it though! Been so long since I heard Eyelash!

11/28/2006 12:26:31 PM #

I got my blog back. jawakistani.blogspot.com

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