Whose Wet Pants Are Those Anyway?

30 August 2006 14:22

YouTube is fast making my TV set a redundant household item already. With it, I can now watch Whose Line Is It Anyway without having to wait for it to come on air. I can even choose to watch some of the best moments of the show like when they played the Two Line Vocabulary game, did Film Noir or when Wayne Brady sang to a lunch lady in the style of a Strip-o-gram singer. Occasionally they have guests such as Richard Simmons or Robin Williams on the show. Things can get rather sexual too like whenColin Mochrie grabbed everybody's privates. With so much spontaniety going on, bloopers are bound to happen like when they were performing in the style of The Village People as when they did the Irish Drinking Song or the ultimate, exposing a female audience's underwear! Even accidents are not spared like the time when Ryan Stiles did Carol Channing.

Of course, stuff like that is best experienced yourself in a live setting. And what better way to do so than at thecoming Actorlympics featuring some of the best talents on this side of the planet. Yours truly was once sat on by Afdlin Shauki and not to mention sexually taken advantage of by Ida Nerina and Edwin Sumun as you can see in our onstage rompthe karaoke music video game played during the show. So I ask myself now, do I dare get myself molested again, punk?


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9/6/2006 5:22:16 PM #

check this one..

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