Traffic Jam Music Therapy

5 July 2006 14:24

Ever since I got Telepopmusik's Angel Milk album and had it playing in the car when I'm driving, I noticed that I swear and cuss less at other road hogs motorists. Heck! I even gave those muscles that would otherwise raise my middle finger at those who squeeze their vehicles into my right of way a rest since. The album has been out for a year and it's only now that I managed to get hold of it. From the opening track Don't Look Back, Anyway and Into Everything, the drifty vocals of Angela McCluskey and Deborah Anderson along with the mellow bleeps and beats from this French trip hop act are certainly a welcome change from those accident inducing radio broadcasts we have. Not quite like Massive Attack's Mezzanine, but likeable like Zero 7's Simple Things anyhow. Give it a spin.

Listening to: Telepopmusik - Tuesday


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