Wo! Remix Lagi

26 June 2006 15:16

I thought the remix version of Zahid's Wo!!!, aptly titled Wo... Lagi??!!!, was better than the original mix. So I took that remix and made another mix out of it (remix of a remix, ha!) and call it (hold your breath) Wo! Remix Lagi (right click to download).


Not as naughty as Smack My Parap-Parap. It's been a slow Sunday as you can imagine. That human beatbox is all me, by the way. If you ever want my DNA, you can look for it on my mic.


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6/27/2006 1:25:10 AM #

i'd say that it sounds better. if there's anybody who want's to re-record the instruments again...than it would be perfect!...

anyway...the beatboxing does sound a bit wet. dah abis jemur ke mic tu?

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