The New Menace

4 June 2006 15:32

I found me a new pet peeve. What's worse than a typical Malaysian slowing down or stopping to look at an accident on the road? A Malaysian armed with a camera phone slowing down or stopping to snap pictures of the accident and then blog about it. If there are no accidents, the next best thing would be to capture other motorists' antics on the road. What makes me antsy is that they take those pictures while they're driving. I suppose winning that RM50 offered by some local newspapers when that picture qualifies as picture of the day is worth risking the neck for, maybe even cover the mechanic's fee if a fender bender ensues. The whole thing is a road wreck waiting to happen, I tell you. Maybe then I should take pictures of them in an accident whilst trying to take a picture of another accident. I could use an extra RM50 myself.


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