Back In Da Ghettos of Koala Lompa!

10 December 2005 13:57

Aah... Kuala Lumpur. Land of substandard high density buildings occupied by people with blatantlack of civic consciousness (at least the place that I live at), roads that lets cars have a lifespan of 3-7 years due to the perpetual construction they undergo and then suck the life out of its users (at least the ones that I have to use on a daily basis), areas that has enough concentrations of expatriates to make you temporarily feel like you'reliving in a different country (again, the place where I live at), and a nation that is still scratching its head over the origin, tempo and melody of its national anthem. It's been slightly over a week since I left this place and nothing much has changed. There are someHot Malay Girls here too. Can't be the water.


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