21 May 2005 12:05

20/05/2005 @ 20:05. Of course, it only applies in places where the DD/MM/YYYY convention is used. That's as significant as it can get for a geek like yours truly on a slow day like today. Otherwise, there's just nothing to see here. Now move along, folks.

Update (May 21 @ 23:20): So I wasn't the only one who thought the date was significant. While80 couples said "I do" on 20052005 and it's already way past 200520052005 now, I still remain ready to commit into a long term relationship with a member of the opposite sex.


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5/23/2005 10:39:04 AM #

nampak sangat takde keje :P

5/23/2005 2:29:22 PM #

ok let's commit. :p

5/26/2005 4:01:07 AM #

Okay..so to prove that you are really ready to commit, why dont we go out for a double date. C'mon! Pls..no more non-nocturnal excuses.

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