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15 April 2005 08:49

I feel like giving those people working in government agencies a clue. I think exposing them to technology has made them a spoilt bunch. Technology should never be seen as the be-all and end-all of things. It's the "process" that matters most. When some system gets offline, the least they could do is to drop into manual mode just so to keep things moving along, albeit at a slower pace. The customers would understand rather than have them wait aimlessly almost the whole day while those officers lounge around with nothing to do all day but engage in mindless chatter (very unlike those who suffer fromInternet Withdrawal Syndrome). Besides, weren't they the ones who loved those convoluted paperwork in the past anyways? It's not an easy thing for some people to apply for a day's leave to attend to such matters only to end up having to take another day's leave to come around another day, y'know.


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4/15/2005 10:08:05 AM #

if they'd jump into manual mode, chances are they'll need to stay back for data entry when the system is back online. not doing anything means no double work, get paid to mindless chat and should the system is back online, then continue as usual. techology upgraded their excuse version.

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