Irony Of Software Patches and Updates

1 April 2005 11:45

Y'know, it's funny when Mozilla releases updates to its Firefox browser (which I use almost exclusively these days), people tout it as A Good Thing&trade but when Microsoft releases patches or updates for their products, it becomes another nail in their coffin for releasing vulnerable software. Can't be helped as it's they themselves who have dug the hole and got consumers to subsequently brand them as such. Still, the heck with such trivialities. At the end of the day, no matter what platform or software you use, if it's vulnerable and the user/admin doesn't do anything to patch or update his or her machine accordingly, they're the ones who'd be getting nailed.

On the subject of patches, if you're running Windows Server 2003, Microsoft has just released Service Pack 1 last night. They have also made the Windows XP x64 Editon and Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition both RTM (Released To Manufacturing) and available for download to MSDN subscribers. I managed to snag the ISOs as well as the 64-bit drivers for the devices on my PC earlier today. Will be trying them out later tonight.

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