I, ANAL (I, Am Not A Lawyer)

11 March 2005 11:54

My experience at the Tribunal today confirms two things that I have long suspected:

  1. I hate lawyers. Especially if I have to go up against them.
  2. My command of formal Bahasa totally blows goats. I do not have a problem with conversational Bahasa, but in formal situations, and especially that has got to do with law, I was left in a daze when the judge finished uttering whatever she was uttering. I totally blame mywatching too much television when I was growing up that made my England too powderful. Besides, was there ever a local version of Ally McBeal or The Practice, anyways?

Still, despite my struggling, I managed to achieve my objective to have my case heard at the Tribunal instead of the High Court (which was what the opposing lawyers wanted so that they can have the case delayed) and obtain permission to subpoena a witness when the case is heard again in a couple of months' time.

Did I mention I hate lawyers?


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3/11/2005 1:38:23 PM #

haha.. even me not so good in BM tho I, AAL. haha..dont hate em, u gonna love em oneday(just 1 day eh?) So, wats d verdict of d tribunal? ;)

3/11/2005 6:38:43 PM #

IMO it's hard to learn English via TV, unless we do away with the subtitles. My method is reading and conversing whenever I can.

I wanted to be a lawyer. Must be a blessing in disguise that I haven't managed to be one yet until present.

3/12/2005 12:58:46 AM #

ouch bullet through the heart

3/12/2005 2:40:56 AM #

I hate lawyers too...I truly hate them!!!

Please, dont even think of having a Malay/local version of Ally MacBeal or The Practice. It's gonna be horrendous. I wont be able to watch it as I will be truly embarassed with the stupidity that will be displayed.

3/12/2005 9:26:42 AM #

why? is it cool to hate lawyers? are we borrowing this disdain for lawyers from the west? the US being saturated with anything-you-can-come-up-with lawsuits, i'm not surprised it's part of their culture to curse lawyers with reservations for the innermost circle of hell.

Rudy M.
Rudy M.
3/15/2005 3:55:12 AM #

tribunal? ish, what are you up to these days my friend?

3/17/2005 3:48:11 PM #

Get Yasmin Ahmad to produce/direct 'Alimah Mohd Kabil'.  That may work.

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