Why Your Movable Type Blog Must Die - The Redux

20 December 2004 03:02

It apparently is causing massive strains on webservers (Slashdot submission at Comment Spams Straining Servers Running MT) that webhosting companies have even resorted to disabling Movable Type on their servers altogether. This 'prediction' was noted earlier in Why Your Movable Type Blog Must Die. Jay Allen (of the MT-Blacklist fame) has posted a full description of the spam load issue plaguing the widely used personal publishing tool and has acknowledged it as a major bug in MT. Those running MT who are getting complaints from their hosting companies might wanna try theseworkarounds to combat comment spam for now. Or use a different tool/service altogether...


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Pok Ku
Pok Ku
12/21/2004 3:31:35 AM #

MT looks nice and it is supposed to be the best. Pity if it dies.

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