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7 December 2004 05:53

When Mary got married...

Faisal: "Yang... Tengoklah I bila you nak suap tu, Yang.
Sudu you tu nak masuk hidung I lah, Yang..."

Marina: "Eh! Ye ke? Alamak, segannya!"

Marina: "Okay! Okay! Kali ni I tengok you, ye?
Nah, bukak mulut... aummmm!"
Faisal: "Camtulah isteri abang!"

May that cuteness stay on throughout their married life! More pictures in Selamat Pengantin Baru, Marina & Faisal.


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12/7/2004 9:19:44 AM #

Iwan, postlah gambar salleh's did go didn't you?

dJ phuturecybersonique
dJ phuturecybersonique
12/7/2004 9:28:03 AM #

yeah, i did. unfortunately my camera didn't come with me 'cos I forgot to bring it along! i'm waiting for bakar @ burn to send me his copy for me to post. sabar, cik lina! ;)

Pok Ku
Pok Ku
12/8/2004 6:04:24 AM #

Pok Ku kena suap sendiri.
Ridhwan bila lagi?

Rudy Mahli
Rudy Mahli
12/8/2004 2:54:48 PM #

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Marina

12/9/2004 5:07:27 AM #

kau curang faisal...kalau boyfriend kau tahu kau dah bernikah habislah kau

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