I Know What You're Gonna Do Next Raya

17 November 2004 13:43

Aidilfitri has become quite a predictable affair for me the last few years. From the food that I gorge myself with during Hari Raya, to the movies/musicals that our TV stations show on TV, heck, even the sequence of the relatives' houses that my family visits en route back to KL from JB the day after Raya is predictable now. So in the bid to break the monotony, I decided to do something different and make myself useful at the same time. I became a walking, talking dishwasher. I reckon nothing beats the satisfaction of washing away the grease and grime to see the squeaky shiny crockery and utensils again. It was such a successful affair that Mom and Grandma were happy to appoint me to take care of the dishes again next year. It dawned to me then that on top of knowing the food that I'm going to gorge myself with during Hari Raya, the movies/musicals that our TV stations are going to show on TV and the sequence of the relatives' houses that my family is going to visit en route back to KL from JB, I now already know who has to be at the kitchen sink next year to take care of the dishes and utensils.


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11/19/2004 6:29:26 AM #

I would like to have ... the walking talking dishwasher.. lol!

12/1/2004 9:57:40 AM #

hahahaha... bagus tul iwan nie!  buleh la kalu sesape buat makan2.. appoint u to be the budak basuh pinggan!  :D

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