The Eid Greeting Card Initiative

26 October 2004 06:49

One of the things that brought me joy when I was a kid was sending and receiving Hari Raya greeting cards via snail mail. The last couple of years, people have resorted to sending e-cards via email and such, most likely for it's convinience. At the insistence of the kid in me, I would like to indulge in a tiny initiative to send Hari Raya greeting cards to those who would send me their addresses (home or office) via thecontact page. Do not worry about the addresses gathered for it will not be used to send anything else (e.g. direct marketing materials, stalkers, Ah Longs, etc.) but just the Hari Raya greeting card itself (or a certain other kinda invitiation card in the future. Heh!). It's open to everyone of various ethnicity and belief. Just make sure you do so before this Friday, October 29th. ;)


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Rudy Mahli
Rudy Mahli
10/30/2004 4:21:59 PM #

LOT 112, Jalan Adong 3C
Pujut 2
98000 Miri

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