A Geek's Nourishment Storage Server

2 June 2004 02:10

Who needs a wussy Internet Refrigerator when you can have an Alphaserver 8400 5/300 as the kitchen server in your crib! Running on a variant of the OpenVMS (Open Vending Machine System - it's like an unlocked non-coin operated vending machine) operating system, it stores and retains all the typical refreshments and leftover nourishments a geek needs to survive, especially after those events where most people couldn't make it and you're left with food that can last you one whole week or more for yourself, even after giving some away.


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6/2/2004 3:32:07 AM #

i think you can get the Alphas from Astro if you're quick.. 2100s, 4100s...

6/9/2004 3:23:19 AM #

alamak... kalah peti sejuk orang kahwin :P

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