Picky Choosy

26 May 2004 10:23

I admit to being quite picky when it comes to wanting things. People around me often complain that when it comes to getting things for myself, it'll take a fair bit of time before they see me make my mind up and when I've finally made my mind up, it's really difficult to sway me any other way. There is a problem with this of course, and that is some things are just limited in terms of their availability and I'm sometimes left with absolutely nothing in the end. Despite that, those decisions have often enough held to be correct and I certainly am glad to have them done that way than any other way. I mean, I don't have that much resources in hand to afford much trial and error and see stuff being wasted altogether. I know it does make me "rigid" in certain ways but I figure it's better this way than having to correct mistakes that'll prove to be costlier to fix. To quote what my a friend of mine always say, "Make a mistake once, take it as a learning experience. Do it twice or more, you're definitely a dumbass."

Yes, this is most probably why I have that darned dysfunctional defense mechanism and why I'm immune from any urges for impulse retail therapy. Never cross me out if you're thinking of going shopping though. They say since I don't get much stuff, I make a helluva good walking talking shopping cart and a coat rack (which was not too long ago).


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5/26/2004 12:57:37 PM #

Ditto bro. Can definitely see where you're going. Have a good one!

5/27/2004 12:51:38 AM #

well. you are not alone.

5/27/2004 2:16:24 AM #

"learn from the mistakes of others, dont make ur own". I guess I dont shop when I'm wif frens. I shop alone coz theres enough voices in my head. arrgh..

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