The Vicious Perpetual Downward Spiral

19 May 2004 12:39

It was my morbid curiosity more than anything else that actually brought me to watch (and stomach) that video showing an American civillian being decapitated in the hands of cold-blooded extremist militants. Then there's this article whichquestions the authenticity of the video and the timing of its release with all the flak the US is receiving in light of the prison abuse that took place in Iraq at the moment (something along the lines of "if you think what we did to them in prison was horrible, look what they're doing to our people in captivity"). I'm not one to subscribe to any conspiracy theories but violence will beget more violence and this vicious circle is on a perpetual downward spiral judging from how things are being handled in the region at the moment.

Listening to: Sheila On 7 - Berhenti Berharap


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5/20/2004 3:50:22 AM #

Not commenting on your entry today... but just to say Berhenti Berharap is a cool track.  I wish S07 would continue to sound as matured as this.

5/20/2004 9:37:40 AM #

Hayley Westenra is a good singer. Gather your courage for her single "Who painted the moon black". Better than apa ke jadahnya ubat batuk edisi siasat NT7.

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