29 April 2004 14:04

As of last weekend, I've been staying at my apartment in Sunway already. The journey to work now is less stressful than it was when I was staying in Kajang (an hour plus or two on the road to travel 50km coming to work and then back again, not to mention contributing to Uncle Samy's hair transplant funds through the chetti houses on the highways for the past year and a half). I still make it back to Kajang for weekends though, especially since I don't have a washing machine at my place yet. Heh! There's still the fridge, microwave, and a whole lotta other kitchen stuff to be taken care of...

Quick props to two of my ex-Uni friends.Fazillah, whom I caught up with over lunch at the Monash University/Sunway College Career Fair today and Nong, another ex-Boilermaker who also has a weblog going on. Nice to hear from the both of you!


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