Dumb Double Standards

19 April 2004 02:36

Datuk Zainuddin Maidin was quoted saying that P. Ramlee's classicMadu Tiga song is exempted from being banned over RTM's airwaves as the phrase "I love you" was used with proper context and meaning. I suppose they didn't bat an eyelid on the overall message of the song (although in comedic jest) that is to cheat on one's wife/wives to practice polygamy ("Mesti pandai membohong / Mesti pandai temberang / Tetapi jangan sampai / Hai pecah tembelang"). Impressionable minds should not be encouraged with such negative elements, right? Oh wait, I forgot. Some of them are doing exactly that anyways ("membohong", "temberang", etc. until the ACA "pecah tembelang" on top of practicing polygamy without their wives' knowledge or consent -- and it's no comedic jest either) so it's alright, I guess.

Listening to: Ismail Haron & Anita Sarawak - Joget Pak Mat Kahwin Lagi (MP3). Supposedly banned due to the word "steady" being used in the song.


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