Today's Ebonics Language Lesson

17 April 2004 03:15

"I used to be a stuck up white boy, fakin' the funk. Bump that! I ain't bullshittin' on front street no more, thanks to the Wake Up Crew's Ebonics Language Lesson."

English: My you're a lovely young lady.
Ebonics: Damn! You's a fine motherf***er!

English: Let's go for a ride, shall we?
Ebonics: Hey baby! Jump in my lowrider and let's rotate these tyres!

English: I admire your fashionable running shoes.
Ebonics: Drop them Nikes off yo' ass 'fore I blast you, motherf***er!


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4/18/2004 7:17:06 AM #

whaddup doggg!!

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