Lose Control

25 March 2004 05:52

Trash my ego
Kick my stereo
Make my head blow
I always lose control


Update (2315 hours): Just in case if you were wondering what this was all about earlier, it's a song that I've included on this mix track I'm working on. Just to give you a whiff of it, here's a 150 second sample (out of the hour long mix) for your ear bleeding pleasure. Featuring Stirfry's Lose Control and yours truly's mad turntable scratching mangling skillz. Thank you Technics SL-1210 MK5, Vestax PMC-05D, Cool Edit Pro 1.0 and SBLive!.


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3/25/2004 6:34:47 AM #

kick my stereo
let go my ego
come on let's go
my head's echo

4/2/2004 1:05:33 AM #

I am bleeding... nyum nyum!...

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