A Mommy In The Making

28 February 2004 01:53

Late out of the gate again, but this time it's through my own procrastination. If you've been wondering whyLyna has been keeping it low these days it's because she hasn't been well - for a good reason though. 'Cos sometime in September, Lyna's gonna be a mommy and Hafiz's gonna be a daddy! Hope you're holding up well with the morning sickness and other discomforts at this stage. You still wanna live up to that Lyna Voguemomma tag, right? ;) Besides, I'm sure some of us have been missing some of your perky quirky comments that littered last year's entries (just look for those with the most number of comments)! Go wish her well, folks!

I'm making today Screencap Friday. Phuturecam will be screencapturing stuff all day long today at every 10 minute intervals. Cable crap goodness, I tell you. The kind of stuff you fork RM90 every month for.


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