Chickening Out On Chances

24 February 2004 13:14

When things are going on well, would you chance it (50/50) in favor of something better? In the past, I'd yell "Geronimo!" to just about anything and go for it, even when the odds are low or stacked up against me. It made things exciting. Nowadays, I'm inclined to think that I've become more and more reluctant to play my cards even when the chances are good, only to have my conscience beating the crap out of my head (like how the intro in one of Orbital's song goes: "it's better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven't done.") later for letting it slip by. It's not that I have anything to lose anyways. Sure, I've had my share of bruises from the leaps but it wasn't anything that crippled me. The lack of anything exciting in the past few months has really taken the wind out of me. I need my adrenaline fix and this darned dysfunctional defense mechanism of mine isn't helping.


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