Takin' It To The 'Street!

23 January 2004 15:57

Two and a half years since I started this website and some eight months since Project Petaling Street (PPS) went live, I thought I'd usher in the Year of the Monkey in a geeky blogger way. I have thus decided to make the jump from being a mere lurker of The 'Street to be part of The 'Street community itself! As part of the recent revamp that was done on this website, I reckon, why not? Slow to join the bandwagon perhaps, but hey, what's the rush when it comes to "navel gazing", eh? ;)

Since this site runs on a totally homebrewed solution, 'pinging' PPS was something that had to be built into the backend. In tradition of standing on the shoulders of giants, I've converted Alphaque's pingMT() that he released when PPS was being conceived into VB/ASP. Perhaps someone out there might find it of use if he/she is has too much time on their hands to come up with their own blogging tool like yours truly or Spoonfork during the time when girls were allergic to him. :P

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all, by the way!


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1/24/2004 5:18:39 PM #

Hehe! Your web blog looks sooo
adorable on mac. Seriously.. The
.phorewore and .comments are smack
in the middle of youre REDZUAN
banner and all your dots for the links
are outside the box... looks like worms

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