If You Plink To Me I'll Plonk To You

22 January 2004 15:49

Mom signed herself up for one of those "play by ear" lessons recently. So to help her out, I bought a keyboard (the musical kind) which I have also been wanting ever since I started doing music tracking/composing/remixing on myCommodore Amiga A1200 computer in 1993/1994 (jumping octaves on the computer keyboard, while achievable, required some patience to live with). While the keyboard ain't no Korg, Roland or even Yamaha for that matter, I was pleasantly surprised by how rich theCasio WK-1800 keyboard sounded! What surprised me was that it also has an on-board synth and sequencer, although I expect to be tinkering most of the stuff via MIDI once I get the cables. Not bad for a home keyboard actually! I'm not really a performer as much as I am a tracker/composer/remixer but I reckon I can start somewhere. I'm already plinking plonking away toDewa 19's piano ballad Cintakan Membawamu Kembali. Perhaps one day I can sound as good as thetracked MIDI version does. For now, I'm just bleeding everyone's ears as I go along.


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Sri Permaisuri
Sri Permaisuri
1/23/2004 10:49:03 AM #

Iwan, tell aunty they are recruiting for Academy Fantasia.. i think with her plink plonking talent, she should get some votes... bell pulak aku rasa...

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