Child Psychology

11 January 2004 14:25

Of course this episode didn't last forever
I'd made my point and it was time to move on
To peel away the next layer of deceit
And see what new surprises lay in store
My school report said I showed no interest
'A disruptive influence' I felt sorry for them in a way
And when they finally expelled me
It didn't mean a thing

Life is unfair, kill yourself or get over it


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1/13/2004 9:06:08 AM #

Begitu banyak cerita
Ada suka ada duka
Cinta yang inginku tulis
Bukanlah cinta biasa

- siti

Dua keyakinan beza
Masalah pun tak sama
Ku tak ingin dia ragu
Mengapa mereka selalu bertanya

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