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19 November 2003 15:48

Albert a.k.a. Glaring Notebook or Ah Bert as I'd like to call him, had this to say about me in my Friendster testimonial:

The Original Walking Talking DNS Server. Now with additional value for money! You have to respect his patience with computers, as it has gotten him far. He's cool too and does not reek of geekiness! "What talking you?" "Whole house orange!" "Boosht!" (a sneeze) More such classic catchphrases can only originate from this 1337 dude.
If you're thinking it's all gobbledygook, it's just his nice way of saying that I'm *really* a geek. Thanks, dude! :P

Meanwhile Irma a.k.a. Brickchick has been pestering me to write hers...


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Albert Ng
Albert Ng
11/20/2003 9:44:32 AM #

Not a nerd, 1337 geek yes. I wasn't being sarcastic. :P Hmmm, where's mine, then?

dJ phuturecybersonique
dJ phuturecybersonique
11/20/2003 1:08:30 PM #

egad! not another one!

7/11/2004 12:56:51 AM #

I have a question...  I approved 2 testimonials from 2 friends.  How come I can/t find it in my account.?

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