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9 November 2003 22:02

I got me some CDs and DVDs lately. Afdlin Shauki - Fuuyo! Enjoyable tracks by this multi-talented artist. Floetry - Floetic. Sweet flowing poetry in the key of R&B. Mollucas - Se. Sweet sounding R&B from the harmonizing trio of Audry, Pita and Naomi, Indonesia's very own version of Destiny's Child.Shanty - Persembahan Dari Hati. With the exception of two or three tracks, the rest comes as though they're half-baked dance pop tracks by this ex-MTV VJ.The Chemical Brothers - Singles 93-03. A nostalgic compilation of some of the finest tracks released by this DJ duo in the past decade. The Matrix Reloaded. More action (Burly Brawl and Freeway Action) than philosophy (I still can't figure out what Colonel Sanders a.k.a. The Architect was talking about despite turning on the subtitles), they really should've leftThe Matrix without any sequels.Finding Nemo. I can finally say that I found (a.k.a. watched) Nemo!


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semey a.k.a oseman
semey a.k.a oseman
11/11/2003 1:13:59 AM #

Mollucas is really good. heard them live too... excellent. Shanty's old album was good... lacking in some areas.. but she has potential. Yup, some songs in the new one were half baked.

I saw the Matrix Revolution last saturday,.. my verdict : yup, better no sequel... I hope LOTR will be a blast.

11/11/2003 1:55:05 AM #

Shanty was never too-celebrated in Indon, although she received quite considerable amount of air-play in Malaysia.  

You are right Iwan, listening to the 'bajakan' CD ripped from your original, most songs were quite half-baked, although, I must say the second track sounds really great!

Zin - your Ahmad Band CD is still with me.  The version in the album is not the melancholic one, if that's what you are looking for.  

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