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24 September 2003 14:55

This is what the Career Horoscopes For Geeks had to say about Gemini geeks:

A shake-up in human resources may be in the works. An irrational fear of losing the status quo could cause you to overreact and burn a bridge. Don't do it -- you'll only end up hurting yourself. Try to be patient and not take change personally, especially if things don't go the way you want at the beginning of the month. Your problem-solving and extraordinary organzational skills are about to pay off in a big way monetarily. Focus on a creative solution for working around a long-standing bottleneck and seek out a mentor who knows how to implement your brilliant plan. Higher-ups will notice and everyone will benefit.
And this is what The Geek Horoscope had to say of Geminis:
Emphasis is on romance this weekend until an Internet outage brings your world crashing down. Be happy in your memories, any attempts to track down Pseudogirl_145 can only end in disaster.
Great. Better off monetarily, yet still end up miserable. :(


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9/25/2003 6:56:57 AM #

Hey, I'm a Gemini myself!  And many others in our Purdue circle... shoot! **&%$^^#$@#%!!!

dJ phuturecybersonique
dJ phuturecybersonique
9/25/2003 7:27:31 AM #

so are you "mengaku"-ing that you're a geek too? :P

9/26/2003 3:07:27 AM #

Tidak sama sekali.  Itu semua bida'ah belaka.

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