Numbly Dumb

19 September 2003 15:22

Gotta stop doing things that I gotta do 'cos I hafta and do more things that I gotta do 'cos I wanna. I'm doing less and less of the latter 'cos there's been more and more of the former. I gotta be wary of the next smartass who's giving out mauve pills instead of red and blue ones.

I become so dumb, all I do is stare
At that empty wall, at that empty chair
I am tired and pissed, all I wanna do
Is have time to chill and not smell like poo.

With apologies to Linkin Park.


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9/20/2003 4:10:39 AM #

I like your screen capture... "Hidup Sesetengah Orang Begitu Kosing dan Menyedihkan"

dJ phuturecybersonique
dJ phuturecybersonique
9/20/2003 4:32:17 AM #

dalam maksudnya tu...

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