Stress Test

27 August 2003 15:03

Do you frequently...

  1. Neglect your diet? Yes
  2. Try to do everything yourself? Yes
  3. Blow up easily? No
  4. Seek unrealistic goals? No
  5. Fail to see the humor in situations others find funny? No
  6. Get easily irritated? Yes
  7. Make a "big deal" of everything? No
  8. Complain that you are disorganized? Yes
  9. Keep everything inside? Yes
  10. Neglect exercise? Yes
  11. Have few supportive relationships? Yes
  12. Get too little rest? Yes
  13. Get angry when you are kept waiting? Yes
  14. Ignore stress symptoms? Yes
  15. Put things off until later? No
  16. Think there is only one right way to do something? No
  17. Fail to build relaxation into every day? Yes
  18. Spend a lot of time complaining about the past? Yes
  19. Race through the day? Yes
  20. Feel unable to cope with all you have to do? No
Conclusion? According to the stress test result scale, scores of 13-17 means "Danger Zone". I need a hug...


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