Youngest Formula One Race Winner

25 August 2003 15:58

Fernando Alonso made a history of firsts in today's race in Hungaroring , Hungary. It's not only a personal first for him to win his first Formula One race, but he is also the first Spaniard to ever do so and the youngest driver to achieve that feat at the age of 22. Victory must have also been sweet for him as he actually lapped over reigning champion Michael Schumacher in the late stages of the race.

And to think, not too long ago, this dude was once our country's first Formula One racer Alex Yoong's team mate in Minardi back in 2001...


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8/27/2003 3:16:10 AM #

Alonso's got dreeeeeaaaamy eyeeeess...
(same as my bf's. nyeahaha) dat makes my bf, FA?!?

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