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25 March 2003 14:38

I swear my Nomad Jukebox is developing a mind of its own to be too funny. These two songs were played back to back from the randomly generated playlist:

Okay. So it's really my fault for loading those songs into it in the first place. But I got gobs of hard disk space left on that sucker to load it with even more junk. :P

With all the insanity going on in the world today, anybody paid any attention to the 75th Annual Academy Awards? I heard Steve Martin was really, really good.


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3/26/2003 7:31:24 AM #

did'cha go to sepang btw? ps: already linked ya in my webbie. did'nt u get my email?

dJ phuturecybersonique
dJ phuturecybersonique
3/27/2003 1:56:21 AM #

Dapat, Cik Kak! Haven't gotten around to updating them linkages you see at the side just yet. :P

3/27/2003 1:59:11 AM #

okie dokie. thanx for the minyak gamat advice tho. over my dead body man! im never ever gonna use minyak gamat on any part of my body, it stinks!

dJ phuturecybersonique
dJ phuturecybersonique
3/27/2003 2:11:08 AM #

Haiya... don't use the one that
stinks la. And bukan suruh lumur
habis2. :P Just dab bits of it aje.
There are some of them better gamats sold at pharmacies. Can't
remember the name though. :P

3/27/2003 4:34:03 PM #

yeh..Steve Martin was really really good...he's hillarious. And Adrien Brody's speech was excellent...heh. oOH, and Ben Affleck was actually there, and Keanu Reeves looked gorgeous, Cat Zeta JOnes is really pregnant, and uh, REnee lost alot of weight...lOlz
so that's just what you need to know...;)

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