Cool Kimi Conquers KL

24 March 2003 09:34

Kimi Raikkonen (McLaren Mercedes) certainly lives up to the nickname given to him, i.e. Iceman, to keep it cool in the hot sweltering conditions of what supposedly is the hottest race in the Formula One calendar to win today's Formula One grand prix in Sepang. Ron Dennis' faith in Raikkonen has finally paid off with the young Finn's first ever grand prix win and it was only a matter of time this day would come. He ran a clinical race throughout and hardly had anyone ever touching him. Reubens Barichello (Ferarri) took second place and is followed by another new face on the podium, 21 year old Fernando Alonso (Renault) in third. Last year's KL grand prix winner Ralf Schumacher (Williams BMW) was fourth. If you're wondering where his elder brother Michael (Schumacher -- Ferarri) was, he finished uncharacteristically in sixth place, no thanks to his collision with Jarno Trulli (Renault) round the second corner at the start of the race which became a big deciding factor in today's race results rather than the new rules. This has been the second race we did not see Michael Schumacher on the podium at the end of the race. Will it be the same again in Brazil a fortnight from now?

Update (1730 - 03.24.2003): I've corrected the link to last year's KL grand prix winner. My eyes ARE getting tired and I'm beginning to slack... : \


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