Shock And Horror

23 March 2003 12:56

I squirm and grimace everytime I look at the telly the last couple of days. Ayah has kept the TV tuned to eitherCNN, BBC orAl-Jazeera all the time ever since the war started. The worst part is this feeling of helplessness knowing that there's absolutely nothing one can do to stop it but pray to Almighty that this ends quickly, no matter what the outcome. Shock and awe should not be subjected to civilians. I cannot imagine the terror those people living nearby those targeted areas are going through.

Even though I am in the opinion that Saddam should leave, in a tiny corner of my mind, I have this wish that the coalition army will never find him when this campaign is over. Just so that Bush & Co. will end up the laughing stock of the world and his own people that not only he failed to get rid of Osama for sure, he also failed to substantially get rid of Saddam too. And when the day comes that the coalition army declares Iraqis are free and liberated of Saddam's regime, I hope the people of Iraq will somehow revolt against them just to show how wrong Bush & Co. has been all this while and prove to the world it has all been about them wanting to plunder Iraq of its black gold. If they're really sincere about liberating people from oppression, they should have done so with Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and most importantly, Palestine.

Watching Formula One this weekend is not as much fun with all this madness going on.


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