B.U.S.H. = Bash Up Saddam Hussein

21 March 2003 12:03

I feel sick to the stomach knowing that war has begun. I feel sick knowing that innocent civilians are going to get killed. I feel sick knowing that those sent there to fight it out are either going to kill or get themselves killed. I feel sick for having this morbid thought that the world is going to be pushed into instability with extremisms of all sorts being unleashed because of this war. All thanks to Bush & Co.'sthirst for oil. We wouldn't be having this war right now also, as Robin Cook -- former UK foreign secretary and leader of the House of Commons, puts it inhis speech, "if the hanging chads in Florida had gone the other way and Al Gore had been elected" back in 2000.

This war is totally unjustifiable. No doubt Saddam has got to go. But not this way. At least not until every diplomatic avenue has been exhausted. Bush mentioned that even if the UN does not sanction the war, he would still go ahead with his plans on the pretext of protecting Americans from impending threats. Just what direct harm can Iraq do to America at this time for heaven's sakes? I have this feeling that Bush & Co. somewhat used the UN Weapons Inspectors team to confirm that Iraq does not have any WMDs so that they could comfortably go in and take Saddam out and subsequently milk Iraq of its oil resources. Otherwise, how would you explain the situation with North Korea? You KNOW you wouldn't wanna mess with anybody who has got some nukes at their disposal, would you? If there are any impending threats Bush & Co. should be worried about, it's going to be the retaliation from within their midst should they continue with this mindless agenda.

I can almost hear Yoda utter, "Begun this Gulf War 2 has".

Yeah, this entry was purposely made on 20.03.2003 at 2003 hours.


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