Let's Talk About Girls

8 February 2003 17:49

Girls... they are beautiful
They are nice
They are sensitive

But girls, I can't understand you because...

If I say you're pretty, you'll say you're not
If I say someone is pretty, you'll get jealous
If I say you're weak, you'll say "You're wrong!"
If I treat you rough, you'll scream "I'm a lady"
If I say you can't cook, you'll get angry
If you cook... yucks!!!
If I help you, you'll say I'm wooing
If I don't, you'll say I don't care
If I phone you, you'll say I'm wasting your time
If I don't, you'll say you miss me
If I kiss you, you'll say I'm taking advantage
If I don't, you'll say I'm not romantic
If I remember your birthday, you'll say it's nothing
If I don't, you'll cry without stopping. And much much more

And lastly, if I say I love you, you never give your answer
If I say I don't... Better forget it

Girls... I don't know how to understand you,
But without you,
I don't know what life will be

I still like you.

Taken off this site.


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