Two Weeks And Goodbye 56K (I Hope)

1 February 2003 14:11

Streamyx apparently has made its way to Kajang and a reseller came by asking whether I was interested to sign up. Before he could even break out his brochures to explain the thing I was already filling out the forms! What took them so long?? I've been waiting for broadband services to reach here since ages ago! I was on the verge of hypothesizing a conspiracy by Telekom to delay broadband services to the masses so that they can still milk money out of poor saps on dial-ups. It really doesn't make sense to pay a lot for piss-poor services when cheaper yet better technology is already out there. I'm sure just about anybody will look forward to paying only RM111 for faster unlimited access rather than a total of RM200 (or thereabouts) for slow as molasses access if they use the Internet as much as I do.


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