Scourge And Scum Of The Internet

21 January 2003 15:39

If there are two things that I hate most on the Internet, it's gotta be pop-up ads and spam. These by-product of the dot-com era that are supposed to help fledgling web businesses stay in business are, in fact, making them go out of business. Can you tell how many times have you recently gone to any website that is advertised on a pop-up (or pop-under) window among the kajillion that pops right up upon entering a particular site? None? How many times then have you gone to that website that opens those kajillion pop-ups? Lesser? See, if income is based on the number of hits that a site gets, then obviously it's not HELPING (I have long since doubted this model ever since it came out, let alone understand the rationale of it)! What more if the users use Mozilla to kill those pop-ups from ever appearing.

And then there's spam. Like I'm so desperately in need to enlarge my penis and wanna grow big boobs while I'm at it. And of course, I could use a million bucks by helping some disposed country leader siphon money out from the country he fled from 'cos the people thought he sucked. Rrriiiiight.... No big deal, just delete? Why do I frickin' need to wait for them to download first then? It's a waste of bandwidth and most importantly, MY TIME 'cos that major telco in this country blows goats so much that they monopolize and own the infrastructure that they cannot bring upon themselves to upgrade and improve 'em so we don't have to use dial-up anymore! Change email addresses? Sure, if you can help me inform all my acquaintences in my address book that I've changed email addresses... wait... then you're gonna have my new email address and spam it to death too!

Aahh phooey. I'm always pissed off on Mondays...


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