Fencesitting For A Reason

23 January 2003 15:40

I always think that people who choose to get themselves involved in Malaysian politics are doing it for their own personal gains and benefit rather than for the people in their constituencies who voted for them in the first place. There are obviously some very few who aren't but they are severely outnumbered by those who are. I would say most of the politicians who are of the ruling coalition party have become apple polishers rather than truly championing for the rights of the people they are representing. It's all about pleasing the masters without due discrimination or worse, proper implementation plan (think along the lines of the many changes in the education policy in the last few months), just so that they remain "favorable" to continue receiving their "benefits". On the other side of the fence, we've got a bunch of zealots who are hellbent on preaching and shoving their ideals down people's throats without considering all aspects of it like how it will affect people of varying ethnicity in this country and their ever so condescending "holier than thou" attitude towards everyone who don't share their values. Certainly reason enough for me to stay away from politics with these kind of things going on. At least my conscience is clear knowing that I'm not involved in something that I think is for the wrong cause and intent.


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9/13/2003 10:52:46 AM #

but then.. someone has to be there to improve things.. to do something... for the citizens.. for us.. for the country.. if it is not you.. then who?

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