I Wear A Mask Called Counterfeit

7 November 2002 08:07

I find that I cannot easily pretend to be all nice and happy when just about everything that comes in my way at this point is not right and is pissing me off big time. Pretending gets tiring after a while and on top of that, it just feels like as if I'm faking and cheating through my own life. I can distract my thoughts all I want but at the end of it, things aren't any better off anyway 'cos they're still there. If I had my way, I would like to get to the root cause of it and have it taken care of altogether but unfortunately it's something that I have no direct control over.

God certainly has a funny sense of timing too when it comes to these things, but that's Him. My tolerance level is certainly going to be tested indeed in this holy month of Ramadhan.

Listening to: Limp Bizkit - Counterfeit


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