I Tried So Hard, And Got So Far... But In The End...

25 October 2002 16:22

I bet nobody likes it when you lose something you worked on for so long and so hard in a blink of the eye, especially on something that you grow attached to over time. What rubs it in is that it is through factors that you don't have direct control of but yet can still affect you directly. For me, this hasn't been the first time. Yet, everytime it happens, I end up being majorly pissed of with myself and then after some time, I'll be back at it again only to go into the cycle again. Am I being resilient or just plain stupid? Since this isn't the first time, how many more there is to come? Will this pretty much be the theme of my life?


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10/26/2002 6:18:12 AM #

rileks la brader... remembered what Mr. Gump said : "Life's like a box of chocolate.....". Come What May. Sometimes people often ended up where they started, just enjoy anything that comes by, as if there's no tomorrow. Carpe Diem.

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