On My Own With The Men In Black

19 July 2002 13:46

Okay. So I admit - certain times when I just can't afford to wait for everybody else to do something, I just go ahead on my own and do it. That was the case when I went to see Men In Black 2 right after work just now. All my colleagues and friends I called can't and don't want to go watch it today but I can't afford to watch it later so I ended up watching it alone (come to think of it, perhaps it's payback time 'cos the shoe was in the other foot last time :P). Anyways, the movie's great! Frank the Pug was undoubtedly the show stealer with his wit, heck, even more than Will Smith himself! Wish there was more of Lara Flynn Boyle to see though! Hubba hubba! Major droolage! :P~~~ My only complaint about the movie is that it's short, just about an hour and a quarter (though it doesn't feel like it). Also, I wish they'd expose less of the movie in the previews, gazettes, making of, etc. 'cos I felt like I know most of the gags already and didn't leave much surprises in the movie itself. Just my RM0.02...

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