Digitizing The Past

15 July 2002 13:48

For a lack of better thing to do on a weekend, I decided to take a trip down the memory lane in a rather unconventional way. I gathered all the photo albums that I have and started scanning the pictures in. This will be my personal project for the next week or two at the rate I'm going. I got 300+ pictures in already and I'm hardly 1/3 through. It's interesting to see the progression of my earlier youth (Heh! I reckon that I'm STILL in my youth! Bwahahahaaa!) from the infant years to toddler years to primary school years to secondary school (highschool to you Yanks!). I just got around to reaching the earlier part of my college years. The bulk of it will be the time spent atPurdue as I figure that there's about 1000+ pictures from that period alone.

Just figured out why PowerDVD refuses to work everytime I install the scanner software on my machine. Stupid ASPI. If you get an ASPI error when starting your DVD player software after you've installed a scanner, just re-install your DVD player software. Just a quick tip there that I thought I'd share with you. My machine's Win2K setup is hunky-dory again. Time to Ghost it now in case it gets messed up (and it almost always will :P).

And speaking of DVD players, Homer Simpson says "Hack your DVD player!" (site of origin is here under DVD Q&A). Long live, Homer! Whoohoo!

A quick birthday shoutout to Shareena, by the way! Many happy returns, you! ;)


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