Windows XP: Still Not For My PC

9 July 2002 13:26

I spent almost the whole day today trying to to get Windows XP to work satisfactorily on my home machine and I came to the same conclusion that I did some time ago: It just can't. My main motivation is to actually get rid of Windows 98 that is still residing on my machine (it's currently dual booting along with Windows 2000 Professional). I have that solely for running some games and also FastTracker 2.08 to compose those occasional songs (if and when inspiration strikes).Windows XP still cannot handle FastTracker 2.08 properly (it's a DOS based program actually) despite making it run inWindows 95 compatibility mode and I have yet to come across a decent Windows based MOD/S3M/XM tracker program. On top of that, I also realized that a bare installation of Windows XP on my machine already takes up 1.3GB of hard disk space. Contrast that with my installation ofWindows 2000 Professional complete with applications such asOffice 97, Photoshop 4.01, CoolEdit Pro, etc. etc. (they're rather dated, I know. But still functional for what I need to get stuff done) which uses the same amount. This upgrade attempt has made me realize one thing again for sure, if it ain't broke and if you can do what you need to do comfortably with the current set up, stick with it! I still reckon Windows 2000 Professional to be the better operating system than Windows XP for my PC. My laptop is currently running Windows XP as the main operating system as I've found that Windows XP just works great on it. On the same note, the laptop is also running Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows .NET Server and FreeBSD but that's more for the purpose of doing development work. Still, for what it's worth, FreeBSD has my vote anytime as the best operating system on the i386 platform.


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