Sunday Morning Ramblings

1 April 2002 04:09

Ohh Gawddd! I really should put a big fat clock right in front of my workstation. I started working on something last night and as I went on completing one part after another, I didn't realize that it was already 5:30am! So I waited a bit more till it was time to perform the morning prayers before I went to bed sometime around 6am. :P Sheesh! See how it goes, I might consider making the stuff I worked on available for interested people to download. It's something Nomad Jukebox users might find of use.

The crisis in the Middle East is escalating no end. Israel is attempting to isolate Arafat in hope of trying to supposedly stop him from giving orders to those suicide bombers. Bush has reportedly said that he expects Arafat to do more. The situation confounds me tremendously. All this while, what frickin' thing can they expect Arafat do all this while when they limit his movements in Ramallah, what more now that he is under seige with tanks and soldiers surrounding his headquarters? Also, don't they (Israel and US) realize that those suicide bomber groups are acting on their own accord? If Arafat is killed at this juncture (God forbid!), I doubt the situation would ease as there would be more fatal attacks being carried out. At the same time, I also have a bone to pick with those suicide bombers. It's understandable that they're acting out of anger towards the atrocities commited towards them and their families but doesn't Islam strictly forbids one to kill oneself and harming other innocent people? What more, such actions would only tarnish the image of Islam and would cause much grief and hardship to those Muslims who are still around because of the subsequent retaliations! The situation is a simple one really but too much analysis and talk has somewhat clouded and complicated the whole thing into absurdity. I'm sure the remedy is a simple one that can be both fair and beneficial to both sides. Thing is, no one smart enough has yet to come up with such a thing. The situation needs real brains to resolve, not just plain brawn. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and his caliphs have managed to do that (getting Muslims and none Muslims to live in peace) in the past.

In another note, the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth I has passed away peacefully in her sleep with her daughter Queen Elizabeth II by her side. She was 101.

This weekend is also a Formula One weekend with the race taking place at Interlagos, Brazil. Looks like I'll be staying up late again tonight! :P

Listening to: Leftfield Vs. Fatboy Slim - Planet of the Phatbird


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